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Financing Development in SE Asia

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Financial Innovation in the Social Sector: The Promise of Finance in Catalyzing Economic Development was part of a series of groundbreaking student-initiated courses at MIT Sloan for the spring 2010 semester.This 3.0 unit H1 course and 2.0 unit SIP course was a unique opportunity to combine MIT’s strengths in financial engineering, quantitative analysis, innovation and strong poverty action programs. It blended a 5 week in-class curriculum with an intensive 2 week hands-on experience with organizations in Cambodia and Indonesia. The course was designed to give students a broad understanding of financial innovations that have helped to transform and catalyze economic development across all social sectors.

During the 5 weeks, the group of 20 students with varied backgrounds in development as well as capital markets, explored four key areas of financial innovations: risk management, capital access, development finance, and market creation.

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