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Building Low-Cost Cold-Storage Supply Chains in India

Promethean Power Systems, founded by MIT alumni, has developed a solar-powered refrigeration system for commercial cold-storage applications in off-grid and partially electrified areas of India. Their technology enables food suppliers to store and preserve perishable food items—such as milk, fruits and vegetables—without the need for expensive diesel-powered generators. The company believes that creating a cost-effective solution for cold-chain food distribution in emerging markets is an excellent business opportunity that could deliver enormous social and environmental benefits.

The MIT Sloan student team will help develop a market research and technology road-map that will help Promethean expand. The team will assess countries for expansion and determine market sizes for the primary markets commercial cold-storage.  In addition, the team will look at new markets beyond milk chilling and identify potential partners and acquisition targets. Finally, the team will develop a technology road-map for product development by recommending activities that will ensure Promethean is  constantly seeking out and applying the latest technology break-throughs for their chilling system.

Market Sizing & Product Diversification in Liberia

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Farm Builders, based in Liberia and Cambridge, is a new startup social enterprise that will provide financing and management services for smallholder farmers in Africa.  The Company is in the beginning stages of its development, having raised initial funding from multiple fellowships including Echoing Green, Rainer Arnhold, and the McCall MacBain Foundation.  Starting in September 2010, Farm Builders will begin its pilot project in the Todee District of Liberia.  The Company’s pilot project calls for the replanting of more than 100 farms on 3600ha of land.  Following a successful pilot, Farm Builders will begin to scale throughout the rest of Liberia and into other African countries.

A team of 3-4 MIT Sloan students will work on the following projects:

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