SEID projects with Vision Spring

Who knew that eye glasses could be so life-changing? Over the course of the semester, we had the opportunity to work with Vision Spring, an innovative social enterprise that seeks to alleviate poverty through the sale of affordable eye glasses. The organization recruits locals to work as Vision Entrepreneurs who conduct community outreach and educate people about the importance of good eye sight. Vision Spring customers range from house wives in El Salvador to farmers in rural India. Nonetheless, after having interacted with Vision Entrepreneurs, all customers cite the life-changing nature of eye glasses. With their new glasses, they can achieve higher levels of education, do their jobs more effectively and achieve their full potential.

Despite this innovative business model, Vision Spring has experienced demand generation problems and asked us to develop a marketing strategy that they could implement across their global offices. While we initially struggled to come up with a strategy that would succeed in all countries, we focused on design of effective marketing materials, market segmentation and partnerships with organizations that would help Vision Spring access these specific markets. We also provided a case study on how this strategy would work in El Salvador so that Vision Spring could see how our marketing guide would work in action.

We are so pleased to have had this great opportunity and look forward to hearing more about the amazing work that Vision Spring is doing around the world.

Marcus, Natacha, Nori and Akhil

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