SEID project with Sanergy

For the past six months, our SEID team has had the opportunity to work on an expansion strategy for Sanergy, a Nairobi-based social enterprise working to provide improved sanitation in East Africa. From the beginning of the project, our team was super excited to be working to support the Sanergy team. We had no idea, however, just how amazing of an experience we would have.

Shortly after Christmas, three of our teammates had the opportunity to join the Sanergy team in Nairobi, Kenya to finalize our market research. After celebrating the New Year with the Sanergy team, we then traveled into some of Nairobi’s slums to learn more about Sanergy’s current operations. After learning more about their sales force, construction, and waste processing, we then began our journey to investigate sanitation needs and challenges in the rest of East Africa. For the next three weeks, we met with a variety of social entrepreneurs, government officials, NGO workers, local neighborhood leaders and residents to learn more about the sanitation landscape in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

Overall, our SEID project was an amazing experience and although we learned more than we could have ever imagined (and, perhaps, even wanted to know!) about sanitation in East Africa, our team feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Sanergy.


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