BCG on Global Health

What is consulting’s role in impacting global health issues? Recently, Wendy Woods, a partner at BCG and key thought leader in global health issues, shared how BCG is supporting the entire global health ecosystem including foundations, NGOs, and local government.

The challenge, we learned, is not just getting more money to critical health issues, but finding the best way to get the money to the people who need it most. She was joined by Kurt Knight, a Project Leader, who is helping the Gates Foundation make sure that every dollar they give out has the highest impact.

Entrepreneurship in the Middle East

Mohammad Jhaveri set up Hera Capital, a social investment fund aimed at reducing poverty, extremism, and expanding economic opportunity for the lower-middle classes in Muslim nations. Mohammad provided valuable advice for entrepreneurship in the Middle East, such as structuring the company, legal protection, funding environment, as well as overcoming barriers unique to the region.

Olde City’s founders, Ali Siam and Ena El-Hadidy, envisioned their startup to be engaged in grassroots change. Ali told the story of how they received a bottle of Palestinian olive oil as a wedding gift back in 2007 and created Olde City to spread the gift to the rest of the world. Despite being profitable in only 1 year, Ali presented some of the real challenges they were still facing. The event closed with a tasting of their delicious product

Social Impact Career Panel: Networking

SEID and Net Impact co-hosted a panel on practical ways that MBAs can network their way to social impact summer internships. Lindsay Stradley explained the need for flexibility and always keeping your options open — she was forced to find another internship at the last minute. David Auerbach gave practical advice on how to get the internship of your dreams by reaching out to high-level executives, and Shayna Harris shared the long and careful process she used to find contacts in the right organizations.

Cold-chain problems in India and Pakistan

Entrepreneurs Sam White and Sorin Grama of Promethean Power co-led a talk with Kishore Musale, chairman of Astarc Group, on the challenges of bringing milk from farmers in rural India to processing facilities. Promethean Power produces a solar-powered milk chiller designed to keep milk cool at the source, so it doesn’t spoil before reaching the processing center. This allows milk farmers to collect more money for their milk, as less of it spoils on the farm and in transit. Kishore Musale spoke of the need for such solutions, as he predicts a shortage of fresh milk in the coming years in India, which will drive prices far above what the locals can afford.